Acceptance Testing

A customer’s satisfaction and acceptance of contracted deliverables is key to the recognition that the ETELIGENCE has completed its obligations.

An Acceptance Test Plan is prepared and agreed with the customer. This document sets out the process of how acceptance is to be gained, the roles and responsibilities of organisations and individuals in the process, and the detailed procedures to be used for running tests and assessing and agreeing the results

The acceptance criteria are defined in the Acceptance Test Plan. The criteria should be defined in terms which prevent trivial failures from stopping acceptance.

The Acceptance Test Specification is formally agreed with the customer and is produced as early in the project lifecycle as possible.

Detailed test scripts, are produced for each test specified in the Acceptance Test Specification.

A record of each test run, its test results, and the pass/fail status of the test agreed with the customer is retained in project records.

Acceptance Testing is complete once the defined tests have been executed and meet their acceptance criteria.