ETELIGENCE provides detail technical design of IT solutions as input for its further implementation

Main Goals:
  • Find and specify the most appropriate technical solution which fulfils agreed functional requirements according to existing IT architecture, applications and possibilities of the customers

In this project stage ETELIGENCE:
  • performs technical investigations as either consultancy or studies for the customer

  • specifies overall architecture of solution on implementation level

A design process strongly considers an aspect of modularity, reuse and ease of long term maintenance.

An output of the design process is noted down to a Technical Design document.

The Technical Design translates and transforms the requirements of the Functional Design into a precise, detailed hardware and software design and descriptions. This step is important and necessary to enable hardware and software engineers to build / develop the system.

The Technical Design is described in computer engineering terms rather not end-user language.

Technical Design includes:
  • overall unit / system architecture, technical, application and data architecture

  • a modular breakdown of component subsystems and their interfaces

  • data and object models, data requirements

  • physical HW specification and all external interfaces

  • relations to existing package products and any specially developed enterprise software

  • performance and security issues

  • limitations caused by used technology, technical risk

  • etc...