In the process of analyse following services are offered:

Gather User Requirements

During the process the customer's needs are being determined.


  • Deep analyses of relevant business processes and information systems of the customer

  • Collected customer's requirements and detailed specifications

A result of the phase of "gathering user requirements" is noted down to a document called Specification of User Requirements.

According to the list of requirements embodied in the document, a phase of design and implementation of project / system takes place in the next step.

Define Functionality:

The User Requirements are being translated into a detailed functional definition of the unit or system.

Functional design of system is produced and defines an exact functionality, properties, processes and interfaces which are about to be developed.

Functional design of system:
  • contains clear and unambiguous system description with its subsystems and components

  • describes functions provided by system, maintained data and constraints

  • describes system broken down into a number of different functional subsystems with all external components and outputs

  • consistency of User Requirements Specification must be kept