Enterprise application integration

Most of the large enterprises have a network of homegrown applications, packaged solutions and legacy systems that need to interact with each other to share data, files and functionalities.

ETELIGENCE takes the existing systems in place and integrates them with each other and/or with new systems.

We offer specialised consultancy in the area of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and provide integration services for a number of various packaged and non-packaged applications, databases and business processes.

Our portfolio includes integration of disparate platforms and applications such as ERP applications (SAP R/3), Billing (Geveva, BSCS) and CRM (Siebel, Clarify) applications, focusing on:

A lot of integration solutions require a fair amount of custom programming, depending on the integration's level complexity. We are proficient in developing interfaces and connectors to the multitude applications and databases. In some cases, a packaged application is not used, we are able to build a completely custom integration points with a variety of technologies including Java/J2EE, .NET, Web Services, SOAP, XML, and/or CORBA.

We provide:
  • High level design

  • Low level design

  • Implementation using selected platform

  • Legacy Application and Data Integration

  • SAP/R3 Integration

  • Adapter Development

  • Distributed Business Processes

  • Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Automated testing