Our Experience:

Project: Closed Users Group Implementation

Our consultants implemented Closed Users Group (CUG) functionality for Slovak celular provider in order to introduce a product providing customers with better prices for calls within a group.

Mentioned functionality is mastered in ClarifyCRM and provisioned to other target systems using Tibco integration platform

Following activities were performed::
  • High level design preparation

  • Interface design preparation

  • Tibco development

  • Acceptance tests specification

Project: Service Catalog - Implementation of SOA

Service catalogue for Mobile operator was defined in the terms of SOA as a list of the existing and planned integration services.

The "original" integration architecture was stigmatised by its overlapping: There are several applications providing similar functionalities and also containing similar or same data. Application was integrated as peer - to - peer, often with different technical approaches. The aim was to replace existing point-to-point interfaces, the integration among applications and also create new services on the TIBCO bus.

Designed and implemented services provide functionality for each backend system and can be reused by various projects / systems.

Systems covered by services:
  • Blacklist System

  • BSCS Billing

  • Clarify CRM

  • Document Management System

  • Service Desk

  • Mediation and Provisioning System

Project: Selfcare Portal - "Backend" TIBCO Services

Implementation of TIBCO BW processes integrating backend components and systems with new developed portal solution.

Our TIBCO specialists cooperated on implementation of:
  • Integration Services & Business Events

  • Reusing the existing TIBCO BW infrastructure and their design corresponded to methodology of the customer. Existing business events and integration services were reused (and changed when needed) and new / missing were developed.

  • Orchestration/Transformation Logic

  • Portal-specific set of TIBCO BW processes (Portal Business Services). These processes are responsible for: Orchestration of integration services and composition of the results (they balance a load and throttle excessive access to production systems).

    Transformation and filtering of results: either because of performance reasons (to avoid round-tripping) or to make the data understandable by the self-care portal end-user.

Project: Upgrade TIBCO v5.2 into v5.5

Our TIBCO specialists have upgraded integration architecture of TIBCO suite due to discovered vulnerabilities into version 5.5 without changing the functionality. The upgrade covered all the customer's environments (production, test, and education).

Following activities were performed for migration:
  • Analysis/Planning. Preparation of the Functional and Technical Specification document and Detail Migration Plan

  • Installation and configuration of TIBCO environment

  • Configuration Migration TIBCO BW applications (projects) including their validation and correction

  • Update Custom Adapter and Interfaces (for BSCS and Clarify CRM)

  • Integration/Regress testing

  • Acceptance testing

  • CutOver